Hi, I’m Molly.

A 20-something mom of two girls and a rescued pup. All three of them keep me busy and if ones not causing trouble the other one is.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby I immediately knew I wanted to stay at home. I just could not imagine being happy leaving my kids for a 9-5 job. Plus I was already dissatisfied with the corporate world even though it allowed me to bring in my own paycheck.

This is when I realized I NEEDED to find some way to make money at home. And not just a remote position. I wanted to find a job that allowed me the utmost flexibility and kept me coming back.

I don’t exactly remember how or when but I stumbled upon blogging. Like most people my perception of “blogging” was that it was a hobby where people shared about their life. Well I was WRONG and the more I researched the more I was amazed.

Thus, my blog, Mommy Explained, was born in 2019. I had found exactly what I was looking for.

To my fellow mama’s out there we can all agree that once you have kids you can go on for hours and hours about them so why not create a blog on just that.

Motherhood is my passion and so is helping others so I have set out to provide the best tips for other moms. Whether you are a new mom looking for labor and delivery advice or a mom of two trying to make it through the day I can help YOU.

Motherhood is better together and I strive to create a place where you know you are not alone.

I am so glad you are here –

xoxo, Molly