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Adorable Bedroom for your Toddler girl

The switch from nursery to big girl room is a huge deal! Your baby is not a baby anymore and you may not be ready for them to graduate out of it just yet. However, you know they will be so excited by the switch so here is an adorable bedroom for your toddler girl that I know she will love.

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Creating a room for a toddler is totally different than a nursery because your little one will actually have an opinion. In other words, they can flat out tell you if they like it or not. Therefore, I wanted to create a room that my daughter would want to be in. Basically meaning the neutral simplistic design that is very popular right now would not be an option.

In order to turn her room into a place she would want to be in I knew I would need lots of color and to make it fun. I did A LOT of shopping around so I could find the best deals for this whimsical theme.

Here is my cute and fun toddler girl room!

Metal Frame Twin bed for Girls

I had a pastel colored room pictured in my head before I began looking for items to include in this design. The first thing I searched for was the bedspread because I knew I could pull colors from that for the rest of the room.

My goal was to add fun touches throughout her bedroom without breaking the bank. Here is everything I found:

The basket was given to me by my husband’s grandparents so I do not have a link for that but if you are looking for a great basket for blankets or toys this is a great option.

I love incorporating old pieces into a “new” design. Not only is it sentimental and cost saving but it adds that special touch.

Looking to create a fun and budget friendly girls bedroom? You can find some great ideas here!

My daughter’s favorite part of the room would definilty be this canopy. She plays in there for hours and it is a great place to store all of her stuffed animals. I also found this rug which fits perfectly under it!

Name Sign over Dresser

My favorite part of my daughter’s room would definitely be the name sign. It is so cute and really makes the room feel like hers. You can order your own personalized name sign here!

We were already using this dresser prior to my little one’s big girl room update and it ended up fitting in perfectly. You can find a similar one here.

As for the items on top of the dresser, my daughter got this adorable piggy bank as a gift and we have been using this sound machine at night.

Storage Cube Shelf

Furthermore, I knew I needed more practical storage in the bedroom so I found this cube storage shelf. The pink totes are a great place to keep toys, extra clothes or stuff that you can’t seem to find a good place for.

I also use the storage shelf for the lamp since there is not a light in her room as well as a place to put the monitor (Yes we still use a monitor and I have no plans to stop using it anytime soon).

If you are looking to transition your toddler girl into a big girl room remember to make if fun and think about what they would like. You do not need to spend a ton on new items either. Use what you already have for furniture but instead update smaller items like the bedspread, curtains or rug.

Last but not least, less is more! Not only will it look cleaner but it will be easier to keep it that way too. Don’t stress about making the room “Pinterest Worthy” because in reality that is not always practical. Cute, fun and functional is the way to go!

Regardless what you decide to do I know your not so little girl will love it!

Here are some great ideas for an adorable bedroom for your toddler girl. Your daughter will love this cute and fun design on a friendly budget!

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