City Select Lux Review

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Review

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Double Stroller

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Since you landed here I am guessing you are considering purchasing the Baby Jogger City Select Lux. After owning the city select lux for more than a year now I have written my personal review on it as well as a comparison to other similar strollers on the market.

When you finish reading this review you will have a clear idea to whether or not this stroller will be the right fit for your family!

The Bottom Line

The City Select Lux is an all around great stroller. It’s high quality, durable and versatile. I love that you can do so many different positions with the seats and it has a large storage basket at the bottom. The price falls right in the middle between other similar strollers on the market. However, the downfall of this stroller would be that it is quite heavy, you have to purchase accessories separately and the handlebar might be too tall if you are 5′ 2″ or shorter.

Stroller Specification

  • Price: $599.00-$799
  • Colors: 5 colors: Granite, Port, Slate, Taupe, Indigo
  • Dimensions: 30.31 x 21.7 x 10.24 inches
  • Weight: 30.4 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase date
  • Features: Aluminum Frame, 5-Point Harness, Single to Double, Handbrake, Large Bottom Storage, Compact Fold, 20+ ways to ride, Adjustable Handlebar, Locking front swivel wheels, All wheel suspension, Expandable 50+ UV Canopy, Rotating Calf Support,
  • Accessories: Bassinet, Car Seat Adapters, Toddler Seat, Bench Seat, Glider Board, Parent Console, Child’s tray, Weather Shield

Where to Buy?

I recommend purchasing this stroller from Amazon because you can use their 15% Baby Registry Completion Discount. Even if you are not having a baby shower, you can set up a baby registry for free here and then 60 days prior to your due date you can use the 15% completion discount!

Other places to purchase are:

PS I have seen this stroller go on sale for 20% off on Black Friday so you can always wait to purchase then as well.

Lastly, if you are considering purchasing from Buy Buy Baby their 20% off codes do not work on Baby Jogger products.

Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Lux Comparison

After I discovered the Baby Jogger brand I noticed that the City Select Lux was a newer model of the City Select. The original model was clearly cheaper so I wanted to figure out the difference between the Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Lux to make sure I was getting my moneys worth.

Here is a comparison of Baby Jogger’s City Select and City Select Lux:

City SelectCity Select Lux
Colors6 colors: Moonlight, Lagoon, Jet, Slate, Paloma and Carbon5 colors: Port, Indigo (only available in specialty stores), Slate, Taupe and Graphite
Weight28 lbs30.4 lbs
Seating CapacitySingle to DoubleSingle to Double
FabricPremium FabricPremium Fabric
Fold45.5 inches31 inches
Additional Accessories
*All other accessories are interchangeable
Child tray
Belly bar
Bench seat
LUX cupholder
LUX second seat adapters
Nuna Pipa Adapter
Wheels and SuspensionFront Wheel Suspension
Plastic Front Wheels
All Wheel Suspension
Foam filled wheels
Locking SystemHandbrake
Manual Lock
Auto Locks

Both are great convertible strollers that will grow with your family. The city select lux, however, offer some upgrades such as better maneuverability, more configurations and smaller fold.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux and Uppababy Vista Comparison

The other big question that I had in mind was how the City Select Lux compared to the Uppababy Vista V2.

Uppababy Vista V2City Select Lux
Colors12 colors: Austen, Bryce, Denny, Emmett, Gregory, Henry, Jake, Jordan, Loic, Pascal, Spenser, William5 colors: Port, Indigo (only available in specialty stores), Slate, Taupe and Graphite
Weight26.6 lbs30.4 lbs
Warranty3 year1 year
Seating CapacitySingle to DoubleSingle to Double
FabricPremium FabricPremium Fabric
Fold33 inches & self stands31 inches
Wheels and SuspensionAll Wheel SuspensionAll Wheel Suspension
Foam filled wheels
Locking SystemFoot brake Handbrake
Auto Locks
Second Seat Called a RumbleSeat which can only go on the bottom and hold up to 35 lbs.One toddler seat works for both top and bottom and can hold up to 45 lbs
Accessories IncludedComes with bassinet, bumper bar, rain cover and bug cover, bassinet bug cover and bassinet storage bagSold separately
Car SeatsCompatible with multiple car seatsCompatible with multiple car seats

Overall, the Uppababy Vista V2 is higher quality with better maneuverability and ease of use from birth, however, it is a lot more expensive. The City Select Lux has more configurations and is suited better for families with older children since the weight limit is higher for their toddler seat.

Both are great options for a stroller and the better one will depend on what your family needs.

The best single to double stroller

What we love about the City Select Lux

There is a lot we love about the City Select Lux. Find out more details below!

Single to Double

This stroller will grow with your family. You can purchase it as a single and then down the road purchase the accessories to convert the stroller into a double!

Or you can purchase it as a double right away and not have to worry later on.

City Select Lux with parent facing toddler seat
City Select Lux with car seat and toddler seat

20+ Configurations

There are so many different ways to configure the seats with this stroller. The adapters, toddler seats and other accessories are very easy to clip into the stroller as well as take them off. All of the buttons are a light gray color making it easy to identify. They also have L for Left and R for Right on the adapters.

I used it as a single with the toddler seat before my second was born. Then I used it with just the car seat after my daughter was born.

When the whole family would go on walks I would put both the car seat and toddler seat on the stroller.

Now that my daughter is older we have two toddler seats and configure them different ways depending on where we are going and how my oldest daughter wants to sit.

I also love that you can have the bench seat or the roller board on the back for a third child if needed. I plan on purchasing these items soon!


Believe it or not this stroller took up less space than our small Eddie Bauer stroller we had with our first child. Both seats even fold down with the stroller so you do not need to detach them.

However, I personally take the seats off before folding because I think it is easer to put in the car that way.

In order to fold this stroller there are two levers you have to pull up on while standing in front. Each lever says the word “Fold” so it is not hard to miss.

Modern Design

This stroller has a sleek modern look and high quality design. It is made with premium fabric that is easy to keep clean.

Maneuverability and Ease of Use

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux has a very smooth ride and a great turning radius thus making it easy to maneuver. The stroller is comfortable to push even at it’s full capacity.

One common question about this stroller is whether or not it is good for running. For a single stroller it works well for running, however, once you add a second child it gets a little more complicated. I’d suggest a stroller that puts the kids side by side for jogging.

Side note I am not a runner but have jogged with this stroller a little bit.

You can check out a great article on the best double jogging stroller here.

Oversized Storage Basket

The oversized storage basket is another one of my favorite features of this stroller. When I only had one child I thought I was bringing a ton of stuff in the stroller but then I had two and it amounted to even more.

Therefore, the more storage the better in my opinion.

Hand brake and Decelerator

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Hand brake

I’ve never used a stroller that had a hand brake and decelerator before so I wasn’t sure how I would like it.

I actually like it better than a foot brake! No more guessing whether the foot brake is on and messing with it to finally just bend down and lock it into place.

The handbrake is a little tough to pull down into place but once you pull it down it auto locks. Then to release the brake you simply slide a button. Super Easy!

As far as the decelerator I do not have any steep hills around where I walk so I’ve never had to use it for assistance going downhill.

However, I do think this is a great option because the stroller can get heavy with two kids and better to be safe.

Wheels and Suspension

Baby Jogger upgraded the city select lux to foam filled wheels instead of plastic and incorporated all wheel suspension.

The front wheels turn very smoothly and the stroller is easy to push and almost feels like it glides.

The wheels in the front can be locked straight instead of being able to swivel so it will significantly improve your mobility through tough terrain.


The handlebar is made of a thick rubber and is really comfortable to hold on to. It can adjust to a higher position as well.

Compatible with several car seats

Another great feature of the city select lux is that it is compatible with multiple car seats. Here is the list of car seats it is compatible with:

Once you decide on a car seat you will also need the adapters. Here are the adapters for each car seat:

I have the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 and love it! It is one of the lightest car seats on the market and I love that the canopy extends really far. The fabric can easily be removed for washing and it is comfortable for my daughter.

This car seat has worked great with the city select lux.

Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Nomad Black with City Select Lux

Toddler Seats

The stroller comes with one toddler seat which can be used on both the top or bottom of the stroller. The weight limit is 45 lbs. The seat itself can recline and it also has adjustable foot rest.

Furthermore, the toddler seat includes a pocket on the back and expandable 50+ UV canopy with magnetic opening to view your child. The seats are made with premium fabric and include a 5-point harness.

Better pricing compared to other convertible strollers

One of the biggest pros about this stroller is its price. It is significantly less than the Uppababy Vista and has almost all of the same features.

There are some convertible strollers that are less than the baby jogger city select, however, the quality is not as good.

What could be improved

Of course not everything is perfect on this stroller so here are the things that the city select lux could have improved.


The first noticeable problem I had with this stroller was that it is really heavy. I was used to my light weight eddie bauer stroller that I could easily lift into the car so it was quite a shock when I first lifted the city select lux into my car.

It really is not that bad though and I eventually got used to it. I realize that a quality stroller is going to be on the heavier side.

Does not stand on its own when folded

Another thing that I was not used to was it doe not stand up on its own when you fold it. Again this is not a deal breaker for me because it does fold down to a compact size.

Make sure you lock the stroller before folding it down though. It will make your life A LOT easier!

Accessories are not included

The city select lux does not come with any of the accessories. It wasn’t fun convincing my husband to purchase an already expensive stroller and then additional items for the stroller.

The good news is I did not need the accessories right away so the purchases were spread out as my children got older. Which actually is the whole purpose of this stroller…to grow with your family.

Instead of buying a whole new contraption I just need to buy an accessory.

Handlebar might be too high

The handle bar at the lowest setting is the perfect height for me and I am just shy of 5′ 4″. If it were any higher I don’t think I would like it as much.

Therefore, if you are shorter than me I would definilty recommend trying this stroller out in the store to see if the height is a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if you are tall or have a really tall husband the adjustable setting on the handle bar could work great for you.

Some have had trouble folding

To fold this stroller you have to stand at the front of it and lift a plastic handle on each side. Sometimes one of them does not lift up so you are left trying to pull up each side.

After several uses I was able to figure out the “right” way to fold the stroller but it does still get stuck sometimes.

Pros and Cons of the Baby Jogger City Select Lux

20+ ConfigurationsDoes not stand on own when folded
CompactAccessories not included
Modern DesignHandlebar might be too high
Maneuverability and Ease of UseTrouble Folding
Oversized Storage Basket
Hand brake and Decelerator
Wheels and Suspension
Compatible with several car seats
Toddler Seats


This stroller offers several differentaccessories. Here they are below:

Parent Console

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Parent Console Accessory

If there is one thing that I love about a stroller it is having a cup holder for my coffee, water or whatever drink I was out and about with. Unfortunately there is not an attached cup holder or storage department on the baby jogger city select lux, however, they do make this parent console that can be attached to the handlebar.

The parent console attachment it’s good however it only really stays well if you extend the handle bar out. Since I do not want the handlebar any higher, this is a con for me.

I’m sure I could figure out a way to make it stay so it doesn’t slide down but just haven’t found the time to do so.

On the other hand, I do understand why there isn’t one built in because the room is needed for double seats.

You can also check out some universal parent console options below:

Belly Bar

The belly bar is nice if you want something across the seat for your child to hold onto but do not want a bulky tray.

Child Tray

If you are planning to give your child a snack or drink the child’s tray is a great attachment for this.

Second Seat

Of course if you have two kids that would fit in the second seat you can purchase an addition seat here.

Lower position adapters

To use the lower seat position you will need to use these adapters.

Bench Seat

For the older kids Baby Jogger makes this bench seat. I plan to get this for next summer!

Glider Board

This is another option for the older kids who do not want to ride but also do not want to sit. It also gives you the opportunity to add a third child on the stroller.


I always wondered why someone would use a bassinet when you can just attach the car seat. I mean so much easier right?

Well actually letting a baby spend long periods of time in a car seat is not recommended, therefore, using a bassinet is a better option for your baby on a long walk.

Additionally, if they fall asleep they can keep sleeping in it. Whereas a car seat you would have to take them out and risk waking them up.

Long story short, if you plan on taking long walks with your newborn baby I highly recommend purchasing this accessory.

Shopping Tote

This accessory is a nice addition if you plan to use your stroller while shopping.

I have not personally used this item but it does have great reviews.

Bug Canopy

The bug canopy is a great option if you spend a ton of time outdoors and are worried about your kiddos getting bug bites.

If you are looking for a cheaper option that is not the baby jogger brand this one works well.

Cup Holder

Lastly, baby jogger makes two different cup holder attachments.

This one is a hard plastic but does not attach in a convenient place. It gets the job done however.

The other one which you can find here is very flimsy and would only work for a water bottle or non spill cup.

Again I suggest looking at third party options like this one since they have better reviews.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Video Review

If you are interested in seeing this stroller in action below is a great video showing how to work the city select lux and all of its features.


The Baby Jogger City Select Lux was the biggest baby product investment for my family. I really love going places, taking long walks and trips to the park so I wanted to make sure I bought a stroller that was quality made, durable and would grow with our family.

After tons of research on the different strollers on the market I settled on this one. It has lived up to its expectations and even more!

I hope you have found this review of the Baby Jogger City Select Lux helpful.

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