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LOL Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Fun LOL Doll Party Ideas

If you’ve landed here I am guessing your child absolutely loves LOL Surprise Dolls just as much as mine so like me you are now planning an LOL Surprise Birthday Party.

When my daughter first brought these up to me I was quite skeptical. Why would kids want these, I thought? Well after opening the first couple of surprises and figuring out what each LOL Doll can do I was hooked. Therefore it was no surprise when she requested an LOL birthday theme.

To my surprise, I could not find many LOL Doll decorations so I had to get creative on my own. There are many different directions you could go with this theme. You could choose a specific LOL Doll to use, base it off of a series or go for an overall LOL theme like I did.

Girl Birthday Party Theme

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LOL Surprise Birthday Party cake table and balloon garland

My daughter’s favorite colors are pink and blue so those were my primary colors. I did not want her party to look like a gender reveal so I added in some white, purple and gold as well. This year I decided to attempt a balloon garland and I am very happy with how it turned out. It was easy to do and cheap!

Here is what you will need for the garland:

Furthermore, I used a 4 ft by 2 ft table like this one and I found the adorable table skirt here.

To complete the cake table area I used this sign. However, I did take out the heart that joined the two words together so I could have two lines instead of one. This way it fit much better and I could center it.

LOL Birthday Party Cake and Cookie Table

Other decor included a white table cloth and a number sign which I painted purple and glued it to a block of wood so it would stand up.

At this point I realized the birthday sign was the only actual LOL Surprise Doll decoration and that was really all I could find. After continuing my search for LOL decorations that did not break the bank I stumbled upon these cup cake toppers. These were so cute so I knew I needed to use them in some way.

That is when it hit me. Why don’t I use actual LOL Doll balls/globes (or whatever they are called) for decor? I got some of this and used the bottom half of the ball to put the cake toppers in.

I also put a few LOL dolls around the house as well but I couldn’t use too many according to my daughter 😛

LOL Surprise Birthday Party

LOL Surprise Birthday Party cake table with balloon garland and streamers

I am a sucker for streamers so I framed out the doorway. There were a bunch of extra LOL cup cake toppers so I put the rest on a few of the streamers.

LOL Surprise Birthday Party two tiered cake

As for the cake I wanted to go all out for this one this year. We’ve always just gotten a cake or cupcakes from Walmart (highly recommend) since that is the cheaper way to go but this year I wanted to do something different. I was recommended to someone through our neighborhood Facebook group who makes cakes out of her home.

She did a wonderful job creating such a fun and beautiful cake!

LOL Surprise Birthday Party cookies

Surprisingly, these cookies were my husbands idea. One of his coworkers makes cookies on the side so had her make some for our daughter’s birthday.

I cannot believe how adorable these cookies are. I didn’t even want to eat them because they were so cute.

If cake is not your thing I highly recommend doing some fun cookies. Plus they last a lot longer than cake!

Last but not least, I got this fun outfit for my daughter to wear.

This will be great for dress up afterwards too!

After spending probably too much time thinking up decor for my daughter’s LOL Surprise Birthday Party this is what I came up with and I am very happy with how it turned out.

I hope you were able to find some inspiration to make your child’s birthday special!

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    Wow!! Great job with this party mama! Can you plan my daughters party. Love all the details. Definitely revisiting this post as my daughter loves LOL girls.

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