Toddler Activities at Home

The Best at home Toddler Activities

Entertaining little ones can be quite exhausting especially when they have the energy of the energizer bunny. Taking them out to the park or to a local play place may not always be an option so here is a round up of the best at home toddler activities that you should already have at home.

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1. Sticker Names

Busy Toddler’s sticker names is very quick and easy to prep. It is great for fine motor activity, letter identification and name recognition. The activity works for a variety of ages and I love that this post shows how it went for her kids!

2. Pom Pom Tube Drop

The Pom Pom Tube Drop from Teaching Littles takes 5 minutes to prepare, requires only three household items and is for ages 12 months and up. This activity works on multi-sensory and fine motor skills and also touches on problem-solving, cause-and-effect, counting and colors. I find it so helpful that this post is very detailed which ensures your toddler will get the most out of the activity.

3. 2 Ingredient Moon Sand

Little Learning Club has provided a very simple recipe for creating Moon Sand. It only takes 2 ingredients! This can keep your toddler entertained for a long time but beware it may be a little messy 🙂

4. Alphabet Sensory Table

The Alphabet Sensory Table by Play to Learn Preschool is a fantastic way to make learning fun for your little one. Your child will need A LOT of exposure to letters and this is a good way to do so.

10 Toddler Activities you can do at home

5. Clean the Dishes

Twin Mom Refreshed has shared an activity that made me say, “Why didn’t I think of this before.” My daughter enjoys helping me out with everything so this “Clean the Dishes” sensory bin is an awesome way for your Toddler to feel like they are helping you! Not to mention it is fun too.

This activity also is an alternative option to the above sensory table if you do not have those materials.

The Best at home Toddler Activities

6. Monster Dot to Dot

You may have already created a “Dot to Dot” for your toddler before but have you every created a Monster Dot to Dot like the one shared by Days with Grey? If you are like me, the answer is no! However, I can’t wait to give this activity a try since it is a good way for your child to work on their pencil grip.

7. Color Sorting Caterpillar

Fun Learning for kids shared a simple and very adorable color and shape sorting activity. There are many different variations you can do with this one as well.

8. Toddler Obstacle Course

I had to include something that would burn some of that never ending toddler energy and a Toddler Obstacle Course will do just that! This is activity was also shared by Little Learning Club and she has some great out of the box ideas!

9. Cutting Busy Box

A Crafty Living shared an activity that I often forget about…working with a scissors. The Cutting Busy Box gives your Toddler a lot of practice using a scissors and it can be tailored to the level they are at. This also requires little prep and no trip to the store.

10. Play-dough Slicing Activity

Last but not least, an activity with Play-dough! Toddler at Play shares a way to make play-dough even better which is by letting your toddler slice it! With a play knife that is 🙂

These are all great options to keep your toddler busy. Not to mention they are also easy to set up and do not require many materials (and you probably already have all of these items at home).

The next time you are at home wondering what to do with your toddler try out these activities!

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