Useful Baby Products

10 useful baby products you may not have thought of

I am sucker for any type of product that will make my life easier. Even if the new gadget doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to I always have fun trying out new things. I get even more excited when it comes to newborn items. My two girls are 3 1/2 years a part and it feels like the market for baby products exploded since I created my first registry. With everything that I have tried I thought it would be helpful to other mama’s out there to compile a list of 10 useful baby products that are not as well known.

Before I dive into some awesome items out there I want to point out that in reality you do not need every single thing in stores for your baby. However, I do think there are some necessities especially when having a toddler at home. So here are 10 useful baby products you may not have thought of.

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Baby Products that are useful

1. Wipes Dispenser

Raise your hand if you keep reusing the plastic containers or you only buy wipes with the pop top? That was me for my first born… The plastic containers would break and the pop top wipes were a tad bit more expensive then the wipe refills. Plus I swear I would pull out 5 at a time. The second time around I found this wipes dispenser and I love it! It is super easy to pull out wipes and keeps my changing areas organized. On top of that I am saving a little bit of money.

Don’t get me wrong I still purchase these wipes as well but only use them for the diaper bag.

2. Baby Shusher

Both my babies loved being “shushed” to sleep. They definitely preferred this over music and singing. Eventually shushing gets old and exhausting and I am pretty sure no one wants to do it for an entire nap. That is where this baby shusher comes in! It does the work for you and has 15 and 30 minute timers.

3. Baby Bum Brush

At first I thought this one was rather ridiculous but it actually is a great product. Instead of putting diaper rash cream on your finger you put it on this and then on baby. It saves the sticky mess on your fingers and you do not have to worry about transfer of germs.

4. Backseat Mirror

Most of you have probably heard of this and have put one on your registry but what you don’t know is how it actually functions until baby comes. With my first baby I used a cheap mirror and it wasn’t the best. My second baby I came across this mirror and it is a game changer! It is so clear and is adjustable so you can easily see your little one. I highly recommend spending a tad more on this to keep your mind at ease while driving.

5. The Mommy Hook

This is another one of those products that I didn’t think I needed until I got one. It seriously makes shopping so much easier. You can use it on a cart, stroller or simply to keep all your bags in check. Check out the mommy hook here.

Pro Tip: find a diaper bag that has a clip or button already on it like my favorite one here!

10 useful baby products you may not have thought of

6. Dishwasher Basket

I cannot tell you how many times I would put pacifiers or bottle parts in the dishwasher only to find them at the bottom. To solve this issue I purchased this dishwasher basket.

7. Gripe Water

This is a great product to have on hand when your baby is gassy, fussy, colicky or even just has the hiccups. You never know when this may occur so it is a life saver to be prepared and have this on hand.

8. Haakaa

For about the first 6 weeks after your baby is born and you decide to breastfeed you likely will be engorged and literally leak every where. That is where the Haakaa manual breast pump comes in and saves all of that milk that otherwise would just leak into your clothes. You literally just squeeze the pump to put it on the side you are not nursing and it lets the milk flow during let down. This is a great way to start building up a stash of breast milk and saves your clothes too! Check out the Haakaa here!

If you are interested to see how I built my breast milk stash of over 200 ounces in just 2 months you can see that here.

9. Vaseline

Before I had my first baby a NICU nurse gifted me this big container of vaseline and told me that they lather this stuff on the NICU babies. Ever since then I have used it frequently on my babies especially before they go to bed. Vaseline is great for preventing diaper rash and keeping their skin from getting irritated.

10. Nail Files

Last but not least, purchasing a good set of nail files is essential. Newborn’s nails are so sharp and they literally grow so fast. I always had a difficult time keeping my kids from scratching their face. Mittens helped but I also wanted them to be able to feel their skin and what was around them.

I bought these for my second born and have loved them so far. For my oldest I used the nail files and clippers that came in one of those safety gift sets. I didn’t realize there were better ones out there until I had to purchase more. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing the “safety” items separately to get the best products.

Well there you have it. These are my top 10 useful baby products you may not have thought of.

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