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25 Baby Must Haves you won’t regret

The Best Baby Products of 2021

Selecting products for your baby registry is not an easy task. You are given a list to go off of but there is no way to know what you actually need.

And once you have figured out what you think you need then you have to choose from a wide variety of brands.

So you end up playing the guessing game and hope for the best.

Now this is where I am here to help.

After two babies I have come to understand the functionality of many of the baby products currently on the market so here is my list of 25 Baby Must Haves you won’t regret.

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Baby Products you will actually use

1. Halo Swaddle – I have used a few different swaddles but the Halo swaddle is definitely my favorite. It is super easy to use and love that there are many different types as well.

2. Hatch – a sound machine is a must. Babies will not sleep if it is dead silent since they are used to all the noises they would hear inside the womb. The Hatch is also a night light and you can control it with your phone.

3. Wubbanub – both my babies had trouble keeping pacifiers in and the wubbanub helped solve that problem. They also are super cute and are much harder to lose.

4. Backpack Diaper Bag – absolutely love this diaper bag. It has a modern look and is very affordable too!

5. Baby K’tan Wrap – I am awful at using the wraps that you have to tie yourself so I decided to try the this wrap and it is so easy and very comfortable. I wish I would have had this for my first.

6. Como Tomo Bottles – I probably tried almost every bottle on the market and found these ones to work best.

7. Halo Swivel Bassinet – hands down the hardest part of caring for a newborn is the lack of sleep. This bassinet was a life saver for me. All I had to do was reach over and grab my baby when she would wake up to nurse. The collapsible side and swivel feature makes it really easy to reach baby. I also love how it adjusts to the height of your bed so I could always see my baby when I was laying down.

8. 4moms Breeze Playard – I have had several pack ‘n’ play’s and this one is by far the easiest to open and collapse. I also love it’s modern look. I used this for a changing station as well as storage to keep things organized.

9. Fisher Price Swing – both my babies loved this swing from the get go. This swing allowed me to sleep when baby slept, make food, play with my toddler and much more. The only downside is it’s on the bigger side so if you are looking for something more compact I have heard great things about the 4moms Mamaroo.

10. DockaTot – got this for my second baby and have loved it ever since. My daughter sleeps great in it and it comes in handy for moving around the house and travel.

Baby Products you’ll actually use

11. Burt’s Bees Hooded Bath Towels & Wash Cloths – Burt’s bees has the softest towels and wash cloths. I used to use an unknown brand and it would irritate my daughter’s skin. I have not had that problem with these.

12. Nose Frida – as gross as it looks this works wonders! By far the best at clearing out a baby’s nose.

13. Bottle Drying Rack – I use this for my breast pump parts, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, medicine syringes and more. Definitely great to have in the kitchen to keep things organized.

14. Lovevery Play Gym – my daughter loves this play gym. It is bigger than most play gyms and has a lot for baby to look at and play with. I also love its modern look.

15. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub – after trying a few different options for bathing my newborn I have found this one to work the best.

16. Bouncer – I definitely use this the most out of my baby products. I actually have two of them because I keep one upstairs and another downstairs. It allows me to set my baby down to take a shower. make dinner, help my toddler, etc.

17. Boppy – definitely a must for nursing moms. It can also be used for tummy time and propping baby up when learning to sit.

18. Oxo Wipe Dispenser – before I bought this I was reusing the plastic containers that wipes came in. They were a pain in the butt and would occasionally break so finally I decided to look up wipe dispensers. I came across these and bought one for the nursery and one for the pack n play changing station. It keeps the wipes fresh, is easy to use and looks nice as well.

19. Baby Jogger City Select Lux Travel System – if you are thinking about having more than one kid and relatively close together I suggest getting a stroller that converts from a single to a double. There are a lot of them out there now but I decided on this one. Check out my full review here!

20. Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Car Seat – I decided on this car seat because it was one of the ones that worked with my stroller, was one of the lightest on the market, had good safety ratings and I liked the look and feel of it.

21. Back Seat Mirror – this one is a lot nicer than the cheap ones you can find. I am able to see my baby very clearly which gives me peace of mind when driving.

22. Spectra S2 Breast Pump – hands down the best breast pump. I used the Medela Pump in Style Advanced for my first born and it worked fine but it took at least 20 minutes and I would not get much breast milk. Maybe 2 ounces if I was lucky. For my second I decided to try the Spectra S2 and wow it is amazing. I only pump for 10-12 minutes and get anywhere from 2-4 ounces. This usually depends on the time of day and when I last nursed. I also love that it is a closed system so it is much easier to clean.

23. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor – I have only tried this baby monitor but it has worked great. We bought the additional monitor when we had our second.

24. 4moms Highchair – for my first I had a highchair with removable fabric. I thought it was great that you could remove the fabric to wash it, however, this is not very practical because I did not want to wash the thing every day. When I had my second baby I decided to try out the 4moms Highchair and it is great! I love the modern look and it is very easy to clean since all you need to do is wipe it off. I also love the magnetic tray.

25. Vaseline – lastly I recommend getting a big tub of Vaseline. When I had my first baby I was gifted a tub from a friend who was a NICU nurse and she told me they literally lather the NICU babies in this. I use this to prevent diaper rash and always put it on my babies before bed. I also have a travel size one for the diaper bag.

Well there you have it. I use these products almost every day and would recommend them to anyone. These baby must haves make my life as mom of two much easier. Of course I did not include everything you will need for your newborn just the biggest ‘Must Haves’ that I use frequently.

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