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12 Summer Essentials for Baby and Toddler

Unless you live somewhere with beautiful weather year round you are probably excited to ditch the cold and welcome summer with open arms. I can tell you I am for sure ready to feel the warmth of the sun especially since I’ve been cooped up in the house with a baby and toddler. So prepare your family for the hot sun with these 12 summer essentials for your baby and toddler.

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This year I wanted to be prepared so I would not have to miss a single nice day. My first baby was born at the end of March so she was around 2 months old when I looked into baby summer needs.

Summer products for baby and toddler

This time around I will have a 7 month old and a Toddler so I wanted to find the top must have summer items for both!

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Before I go into the best things for a summer baby you may have several questions running through your head just as I did when becoming a new mom. In order to make your life easier I will answer them for you!

How should I dress my newborn in summer?

Dress your newborn exactly how you would dress yourself! Babies have an amazing ability to regulate their own body temperature but you want to be careful not to over dress them. The best rule of thumb is dress them how you are dressed.

The best summer outfits for your newborn are onesies and rompers. Here are some adorable options:

Should babies be in the sun?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies under 6 months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. Instead keep them in the shade, under an umbrella or stroller canopy.

What can a 2 month old do in the summer?

A newborn cannot do much but they can definitely go outside and take a trip to the park or beach. Just make sure to have all the summer newborn baby essentials which you will find out below!

Here are 12 summer essentials for both your baby and toddler:

1. Hat

This will likely be your most used item in the summer months so get a durable hat like this one. Not only does a hat protect your baby or toddlers head from the sun but it also keeps the sun out of their eyes.

2. Sunglasses

A hat is all you really need for you baby but your toddler on the other hand will benefit from sunglasses. Whether you are in the car or watching a parade your toddler will be thankful they can see. This pair works great.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must when you will be outside for a period of time. There is nothing worse than when you have a sunburned child. Add sunscreen to your diaper bag and keep one at home. That way you will always be prepared. You can find my favorite sunscreen here.

4. Pop Up Tent

I am so mad that I did not get one of these when I had my first. You can take it to the beach, pool, a friends house or simply use it in the backyard. This pop up tent is not too big but easily fits both my kids, comes with stakes so it will not blow away and is easy to fold back up and put into the carrying case. This will allow your family to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

5. Swim Suit

Now that you have what you need to protect your kids from the sun its time to think about summer activities like swimming. It is best to find a swimsuit that has long sleeves for the added UV protection and also to keep them warm when in the water. You will be able to find many toddler size suits throughout summer but it is more difficult to find suits for your baby so do not wait to get those. Below are some adorable swimsuit options:

6. Shoes

Once again your baby probably does not need shoes unless they are an early walker! However, aside from the every day tennis shoes your toddler wears they will need a quality pair of sandals. Have a pair of sandals that can easily be slipped on makes life so much easier. My daughter would wear her sandals year round if I let her. These sandals are great for summer.

You might also want to consider getting some water shoes such as these if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach.

7. Beach Bag or Tote

Another essential summer item for your baby and toddler is a bag that you can take to the beach, pool, or any other outdoor event. You can use this to carry sand toys, lunch, the pop up tent and much more! I also prefer not to take my diaper bag to the beach because I would not be happy to find sand in my nice diaper bag. This tote is super durable and has lots of pockets to store all of your necessities.

8. Fan

With my first I ended up buying a fan at one of those stands at the fair. It was so hot and I couldn’t resist. I’m sure you know but these items are typically low quality with a high price tag. The second time around I found this amazing fan. I love that it can be secured ANYWHERE and it has a lot of power for such a small fan.

9. Pool or Sprinkler

The great thing about kids is they can be entertained for hours with water. Better yet you can find kiddie pools for pretty cheap too. This one is great for both your baby and toddler.

10. Water Bottle

Keeping your little on hydrated throughout a hot day is so important. Therefore, finding a great water bottle that your toddler will actually use is essential. My daughter loves this one and it will last us a long time.

11. Outdoor Chair

Getting your toddler to sit still is always a challenge but it may help if they have a chair that is just for them. You can find several different types but this one is a great option for everyone. As for baby, I suggest bringing out a bouncer or wearing them in a wrap if you need free hands.

A picnic table like this one is also a great option!

12. Wagon

Last but not least, a wagon is a great summer product. Not only will it let you pull your toddler but also will fit everything else you need. We’ve brought our wagon to the beach, parks, parades, fairs and so many other places. It is a great alternative to a stroller and gives your toddler a 360 view. Plus it also is easier for them to get in and out of vs the stroller.

Toddler travel essentials have come a long way since I was a kids. Check out these awesome wagons below:

Now you know what you need for a summer baby. These are also great options if you are looking for gifts for summer babies.

Fresh air is so needed when you have kids no matter what age they are. So get out and enjoy it because before you know it summer will be over and the cold will set in.

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