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Pregnancy Must Haves you cannot live without

Pregnancy is beautiful, exhausting, exciting, uncomfortable, amazing…I could go on forever. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and brings several challenges and these pregnancy must haves will help get you through those long 9 months.

With my first baby I found out I was pregnant when I had constant nausea at around 8 weeks so the first trimester flew by. My second baby I found out as early as you could, 6 days before my missed period, which made the first trimester feel like FOREVER.

I had days where I hated being pregnant and others where I loved every minute. Every pregnancy is different and my second was definitely harder than the first but I knew what I needed to help get me through it.

These are the pregnancy must haves that you cannot live without.

Top products for pregnancy

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1. Pregnancy Pillow

This is definitely my number one pregnancy must have. All I wanted was sleep and it was hard to get some when I was uncomfortable 90% of the time. This pillow helped solve that and I started using it right away.

2. Stretch Mark Care

Don’t get me wrong stretch marks are inevitable but you can help prevent them or at least the intensity with a stretch mark lotion and oil. I loved this belly butter and used it at least once a day. I also suggest using an oil, like this one. The combination of lotion and oil will keep your skin soft and recondition it throughout your pregnancy.

3. Maternity Leggings

I am by far a legging over jeans person. I was able to wear my normal leggings for a little while but honestly wish I would have switched to maternity leggings sooner because they are so comfortable. These are definitely my favorite.

4. Camisole & Tank Tops

Regular length camisole’s and tank tops will not cover your growing belly so these are a definitely must. I used these cami’s and these tank tops.

Pregnancy Must Haves you cannot live without

5. Nursing Bra’s

Eventually it will get uncomfortable to wear a regular bra with the underwire. I suggest switching straight to a nursing bra, like these. They are super comfortable and you will get plenty of use out of them once your baby is here as well!

6. Maternity Belt

My second pregnancy I had A LOT of back pain and cramping. A friend recommended this maternity belt and it made a huge difference. I also think it prevented some of the back pain that comes after delivery.

7. Water Bottle

During your pregnancy you will want to stay hydrated so I recommend having a good water bottle that you can take everywhere. It also will help you track how much you are drinking and make sure you hit your recommended amount. I love this water bottle and it has worked great after my baby arrived while nursing.

8. Ultrasound Picture Frame

Last but not least I highly recommend getting a picture frame for your ultrasound picture. I placed mine on my nightstand and it was a wonderful reminder of the sweet little baby that was going to join our family. It definitely made those hard days a little easier. Take a look at this adorable frame here.

Following these 8 Tips will make your life easier throughout those 9 months.

As hard as pregnancy can be at the end of the day when you sit back and feel those punches and kicks from your little one you truly realize how incredible it is that your body can create a beautiful life.

As much as you’ll want your pregnancy to be over so you can meet your precious newborn remind yourself to enjoy the good parts before the chaos begins.

In the meantime, use these pregnancy must haves to sail smoothly towards your due date.

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