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The Ultimate List of Postpartum Must Haves

The best postpartum products of 2021

When I was pregnant with my first I made sure I had everything I needed for baby and did a lot of research on how to care for a newborn. What I did NOT do was research what I would need for ME. I had absolutely no idea what would happen to my body after a vaginal delivery and let me tell you I was completely unprepared.

Therefore, my second time around I made sure I had everything I needed to help my body heal. I knew what ended up working for me the first time and even tried out some knew products to hopefully make recovery after birth easier.

Postpartum is difficult but there are so many things you can do to make it easier.

Learn as much as you can and stock up on all the necessary products to make the recovery as smooth as possible.

So what did I find the most useful for postpartum care?

Here is my ultimate list of postpartum must haves to create the best new mom care package:

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1. Comfortable Underwear

You will want to purchase big comfortable underwear, like these. About a week’s worth so you can limit the amount of laundry you’ll need to do. Don’t worry about how they look because you will not care after just having a baby.

Comfort is key and I loved how these were high waisted as well!

2. Pads or Posptartum Underwear

One thing that surprised me about postpartum was how long you will bleed for after delivery. Bleeding will typically last 4-6 weeks after delivery but can go longer. You can read more about what happens to your body here.

Therefore, you will want to stock up on some comfortable pads. I used these for the first few weeks and then these lighter ones.

Another option are these disposable postpartum underwear since large pads can get really uncomfortable. These are a great alternative for the first few days after baby has arrived.

3. Peri Bottles

A cleansing bottle is essential for your postpartum recovery because you will not be able to wipe like normal especially if you got stitches. The hospital will provide one for you but I suggest getting one for each bathroom.

I cannot tell you how many times after I had my first baby I would go to the bathroom and realize I left the bottle in the upstairs bathroom or vice versa.

You can get several for a great price here. I have also had many people recommend this one!

4. Tucks Pads & Dermoplast Spray

Place these Tucks pads in your underwear to relive any burning and itching. You can also use this pain relieving spray for additional relief.

Just when you thought you would no longer have those pregnancy discomforts along comes postpartum.

5. Sitz Bath

If there is one thing you should do after having a baby it is definitely taking a sitz bath!

It really does help heal you up down there and it also gives you some relax time which will be much needed.

Check out a great sitz bath salt for postpartum recovery here!

6. Stool Softener

Going number 2 is not the most fun experience after labor and delivery.

Therefore, a stool softer like this will make it much more comfortable for you to go #2.

It will also help with constipation if you were taking iron during your pregnancy.

7. Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding is beautiful and a great way to bond with your baby but those first few weeks are HARD. From the struggle of getting a great latch to painful cracked and sometimes bleeding nipples you will be so thankful for some nipple care.

That may sound scary but it will only last for a week or two and in the meantime nipple cream such as this will help you get through it.

I also recommend using a nipple cream right away even if you do not feel any pain to help prevent it.

Here are some additional products I love that will help with breastfeeding discomfort:

8. Pain Reliever

Your body will go through A LOT during labor and delivery so make sure you have some pain relievers for the first few weeks at home.

This has always worked great for me.

9. Belly Wrap

After carrying a baby for 9 months you will likely have some back and pelvic pain after delivery. A belly wrap like this one can help with lower back and pelvic support.

It also will help your abdominal cavity return its pre-pregnancy state.

10. Nursing Bras & Pajamas

I do not know what I was thinking when I decided not to buy a nursing bra with my first. It makes life so much easier. I love these and have recently started using these which combines a nursing bra and tank top.

Nursing pajamas are also a must! Night feedings are hard enough so you will want to make your life easier by having comfortable nursing pajamas. I literally lived in these for the first few weeks.

A good nursing bra for night is also essential. These are my favorite!

11. Comfortable Clothing

You likely won’t fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes right away so make sure you have some loose clothes or loungewear available.

Another option is to keep those maternity clothes available for a few weeks.

12. Water Bottle & Snacks

Last but not least stock up on snacks and purchase a good water bottle with a straw, like this.

Nursing requires lots of water and snacks throughout the day. I remember feeling so incredibly thirsty every time I would nurse and I was hungry ALL the time.

My go to’s were gold fish, trail mix and I enjoyed these lactation cookies as well. I’d also have some caffeine on hand because sleep is not really a thing anymore.

Oh and do not forget to have some premade meals ready to go! You can check out this post to figure out everything you need to do at home to prepare for baby.

Now this definitely seems like A LOT of stuff but trust me you will thanking yourself for getting these items.

Instead of buying all of these products separately, you an purchase this postpartum kit which includes almost everything you will need.

Or you can purchase this kit which adds in Labor and Delivery essentials as well!

Both of these make an excellent care package for the new mom.

And that concludes all of your postpartum essentials for an easier and faster recovery.

It may seem a little scary reading about what will happen to your body after delivery but don’t worry you will be in goods hands and that precious little baby of yours will make it all worth it. I hope my list of postpartum must haves will help you have an easy and smooth recovery.

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