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Elegant Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

Setting up my baby girl’s nursery was by far the most exciting part when preparing for her arrival. This elegant baby girl nursery design came together so much better than I could have imagined.

I never got the chance to create a true nursery for my first born because we were living at my husband’s parents house at the time. We ended up living there for about 15 months since we were saving to buy our first home.

Fast forward 3 years and we are in our second home with a room specifically for our new bundle.

I spent hours on hours figuring out the theme, colors, furniture and decor. I tend to be very indecisive especially when working with a small budget but I made it to the finish line and am very pleased with the outcome.

In the end I decided to create an elegant baby girl nursery with gray, blush and gold accents.

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Baby girl nursery with gray, blush and gold accents.

The room is not very big (roughly 10×10) but it is a great size for a nursery. I wanted to keep the room light and bright so we painted the walls white and created an accent wall which you will see in the following pictures.

As for furniture, I already owned the the glider but the fabric was a blue color so my Nana graciously covered the cushions with a gray fabric. Additionally, I knew I wanted to forgo a changing table and use a dresser instead. It saves so much space and looks great as well. The dresser initially came with white pulls so I switched those out with gold ones.

Regarding decor I kept it simple by placing a mirror over the dresser and using hooks for bows. I also found a 4×6 shag rug and blush throw blanket.

Everything is linked below:

Elegant Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

Baby girl nursery closet and storage shelf.

Storage is also a must for a nursery so I purchased a cube shelf and totes. This also came in handy for placing a lamp, sound machine and other little decor items.

On the other hand, I wanted to make sure the closet was utilized to the fullest so we installed this closet organizer with shelving and two clothing rods. I also found these totes to place on the shelves.

Home Depot closet organizer by closetmaid installed in baby girl nursery closet.
Home Depot closet organizer by closetmaid installed in baby girl nursery closet.

This was definitely an inexpensive closet upgrade that made a huge difference!

Baby girl nursery with blush, gray and gold accents.

Window treatments were probably one of the easiest things I was able to find. Not sure why but I did not do much looking around for these.

Check out the blush curtains here and the gold rod here.

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for…our accent wall!

Wood framed name sign on gray floral wallpaper wall in baby girl nursery. Gold crib accent.

This was by far the most debated part of the nursery. Initially I wanted to do wainscotting but decided on wallpaper in the end. The wallpaper turned out better than I could have expected! It definitely makes this room fit for a princess. The gold crib adds that elegant feel and the name sign ties it all together.

Everything is linked below:

A little more about the wallpaper:

First and foremost this wallpaper is very high quality! When I was looking into wallpaper installation for “Removable peel and stick” I read that you are supposed to wait 3-5 weeks before installing if you’ve painted the wall (Which I think I ended up waiting 6 weeks). I also read that it is okay to put on a wall with a little bit of texture but will likely not stick with heavy texture.

You are able to purchase a sample to make sure it will stick and well I did not and wish I would have. Our walls had a light texture but I did not think it would be a problem, however, after we installed the wallpaper it fell down a couple days later.

This was very frustrating and I initially thought it was the “wallpaper’s” fault BUT I ended up lightly sanding the walls down and the wallpaper never fell again. SO fair warning…SAND your walls down to be on the safe side.

Now I want to point out that if this wallpaper was not good quality there would have been no way of saving it after it fell down. I had to pull it apart from each other and clearly you’d have no way of knowing that happened.

So again I highly recommend prepping your wall AND purchasing quality wallpaper, like mine, even though it is a little on the expensive side.

This officially marks the end of my baby girl’s nursery room reveal. I hope I was able to provide some inspiration for creating an elegant baby girl nursery. I am so in love with the gray, blush and gold accents and I know my daughter can grow with this theme as well.

If you are interested in the flooring used you can find that here.

Nursery for baby girl with gold crib and blush curtains.

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