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The Best Sample Baby Registry – only what you need

What to put on your 2021 baby registry?

Starting your baby registry is so exciting! Everything is tiny and adorable and you can’t help but want to meet your newborn even more. Then reality sets in and you realize there is a TON of baby products and you are not sure what you actually need.

The good news is my sample baby registry will tell you exactly what to put on your list as well as provide the best baby items to register for. Skip being overwhelmed and find the items you will actually use for your baby!

When should you make a baby registry? You really can start anytime but you will want to make sure it is done before your baby shower invites are sent out. I prefer to start one and gradually add to it as I do my research or learn about new recommendations.

You also might be wondering how many items should be on your baby registry? There really is not a good answer for this. Some people have 50 and others 150. It all depends on what YOU want so worry less about the numbers and more on what is needed.

However, from the perspective of someone buying off a baby registry they prefer to have a few options at different price points. Does this mean you need to think about who is buying for you? Absolutely not but it is good to know that you can put a variety of items on there.

Overall, if you do your research (which I am assuming you are since you are reading this post), you will end up with items that will work for your family.

Here is the best items to include on your baby registry:

Keep reading for an ultimate baby registry guide which includes a detailed look into each item on the following checklist.

Baby Registry Printable PDF


Newborns sleep A LOT so it is important to have a safe place to put them for naps and bedtime.

Crib + Mattress

I had no idea how many options there were for cribs. They come in a wide range of prices too. Some advertise that they are a 4 in 1 or 3 in 1 convertible crib. This may sound ideal but you actually have to purchase additional parts to convert the crib into a bed. I’ve also realized that by the time you would change the crib there would be too much wear and tear to want to keep using it.

So do yourself a favor and not worrying about whether or not a crib converts. I prefer to purchase a budget friendly crib that fits my nursery theme and then I can sell it later down the road.

As for the mattress, you can opt for a typical one like this or the new completely breathable one here.

Interested to see my baby girl nursery? Check it out here!

Mattress Protector

Nothing is worse than getting up in the middle of the night except for getting up in the middle of the night AND having to clean up an accident. Make life a little easier and get a mattress protector so you can easily switch it out and wash it.

If you purchase the 100% Breathable Mattress you can get an addtional mattress protector here.

If you decide to go with the more common (and affordable) mattress option these mattress protectors work well.

Fitted Crib Sheets

Of course if you have a crib mattress you will need a fitted crib sheet.

You can find the most adorable modern crib sheets here.


For the first 4-6 months you will want to have your baby sleeping in the same room as you.

You can keep the crib in your room or you can get a bassinet which does not take up nearly as much room. I love this one because it swivels right over the bed so you do not need to get out of bed when your baby wakes several times during the night.


Swaddling is one of the key components to getting your baby to sleep better and longer. Don’t bother getting blanket swaddles because no matter how good you think you are at swaddling it just does not beat the swiftness of a velcro swaddle. This is by far my favorite swaddle.

Wondering what you should be doing to ensure your baby will sleep better? Find out here!

Sleep Sacks

Baby’s should not sleep with blankets for at least the first 12 months of life according to the American Academy of Pediatrics so in lieu of a blanket you can use a sleep sack.

Once a baby can roll over they should be transitioned from a swaddle to a sleep sack. If your baby relies on the swaddle you can try out this amazing transition suit.

Receiving Blankets

Receiving Blankets are used for swaddling in the first few months, however, it is very difficult to keep a baby swaddled in one of these. Instead I use receiving blankets as a versatile cloth for burping, laying on the floor, cleaning up messes, keeping warm etc.

You can find a 7-pack here.


Pacifiers are such a staple baby product and for good reason too. They really do a great job at soothing a baby.

Both of my kids had trouble taking a pacifier but my top two were the Philips Advent Soothie and the Bibs Pacifier.


Of course this one is probably the most thought of when you think of newborns. What do you do when taking care of a baby? Change their diaper! Baby’s average 12 diapers a day in the first few weeks.


Baby’s pee and poop A LOT so of course you will need diapers. Whether you choose cloth diapers or disposable you will need them.

This is a great article that showcases how many diapers you may need.

Pro Tip: there are ALWAYS deals on diapers. Shop around before buying and it is usually best to buy in bulk.

These have always been my go to.


I love baby wipes. It is the one product I never stopped using when my first got older. Mostly because there are always messes to be made when you have kids. And hey I’ve benefited from them myself every now and then.

Anyways I like to buy these in bulk as well. For my changing station I use this wipe dispenser and these wipes. For the diaper bag I get these wipes with the pop top.

Changing Pad

You will want a dedicated place to change your baby but you do not need a fancy changing table that just ends up taking up space. Instead use a changing pad on a dresser because it will save so much space.

This one is great because it can easily be wiped down.

Changing Pad Liners

If you have a changing pad that cannot be wiped down you can buy these liners for easier clean up. I also use these for around the house and in the diaper bag.

Diaper Pail

I know this one is on a lot of peoples “don’t buy” list but I think having just one is necessary. We have a diaper pail in our house for the poopy diapers. The rest we put in our regular garbage can.

Now I know I could put the poopy diapers in our outdoor garbage cans but I don’t want to be doing that during the winter, late at night or when I have kids to chase around. Therefore, having one diaper pail is worth it.

We love this one because it uses regular garbage bags.

Diaper Rash Cream

All of the diaper wearing can cause some pretty bad diaper rashes so get a few tubes of diaper rash cream to help any rash that may start.

This one has worked well for both my kids.

Diaper Caddy

Store all of your diaper changing necessities in a diaper caddy which also makes it easy to carry around the house as well.

Wipes Dispenser

I mentioned this one earlier! See my favorite here.


This is probably one of the most underrated products. A NICU nurse told me that they lathered this stuff on the babies in the NICU and ever since I have done the same. Vaseline seriously works for everything.


The other most thought of category when taking care of a baby is nursing. Newborn’s eat very frequently which comes out to every 2 hours or even less. If you are breastfeeding these are the essential items you will need.

Nursing Bra + Tanks

Do yourself a favor and register for a good nursing bra. Nursing tanks are great as well because they combine a nursing bra and tank top into one. Your registry is not just for your baby so do not forget to add baby registry items for mom as well.

I lived in these while breastfeeding!

Nursing Cover

If you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public you can get a nursing cover or two.

Nursing Pillow

You cannot live without the infamous boppy pillow. It makes nursing so much easier and can be used for tummy time and propping your baby up later down the road.

Nipple Butter

Another item that you cannot live without for the first two weeks. This will help soothe your nipples after breastfeeding.

Nursing Pads/Soother

In the beginning your boobs will leak A LOT so you will want to have some nursing pads on hand. They also make pads that are soothing for your nipples as well.

Breast Pump

Your insurance company should cover a breast pump for you. You cannot go wrong with this one.

However, if you are not on a tight budget I highly recommend looking into this one because it is a game changer.

Pumping Bra

Essential if you plan on pumping! This one worked well for me.

Milk Storage Bags

Another essential item if you plan on pumping.


You might decide to formula feed or eventually switch to formula. Here are the must have items you will need.


My first baby never took a bottle so at 6 months we ended up getting her to use a sippy cup. Out of all the bottles we tried (and we definitely tried many of them) this one worked the best. I ended up using them for my second baby and she did great with them.

Bottle Brush + Soap

Make bottle cleaning easy with a bottle brush and soap!

Drying Rack

This is a great way to dry your bottles and anything else that needed washing. I found this two tier rack to work best.

Burp Cloths + Bibs

You only need burp clothes in the first 4 months and then when your baby can start solids you will want a few good bibs. These ones are the best since you can easily clean and wipe them off.


If you are not breastfeeding or want to supplement than you will need to get formula. This is what I used for both my babies and never had any issues. They both transitioned from breast milk with no issues.

*Remember to always consult your baby’s pediatrician if you have any questions.

High Chair

Again you won’t need this item till your baby is around 4 months old. For my second baby I decided to splurge and upgrade to this high chair because of its compactness, ease of use and modern design.

Sample Baby Registry List


Your little one will need a bath eventually. A sponge bath will suffice for the first few weeks but then they can graduate to an actual bath. You will especially want a few quality bath items when your baby starts solid foods around 4 months. Baby’s are messsy!

Bath Tub

This one has worked great for both my girls.

Hooded Towels

The Burt’s Bees towels are the best. They are very soft and do not irritate the skin.

Wash Cloths

Again I recommend getting Burt’s Bees wash cloths.


Babies get messy fast so get a good shampoo/wash. I’ve always gone with products that are made for sensitive skin. That way there is less of a chance of irritating my babies skin.

Bath Rinser/Cup

You could use a cup from your kitchen but I like the rubber ones since they can be leaned on baby’s head to avoid water going into their eyes.

Comb + Brush

You can find a decent pair in one of those safety kits but if you get separate items you will want to get these as well.

Nail Clippers

This is one of the items that does not seem essential until you realize just how sharp newborn nails can been. I recently found out they make a special scissors for cutting baby nails and I will never go back. You can find them here!


This is by far my favorite part when preparing for a baby. I LOVE decorating the nursery. You can go all out or just get the essentials below.

Rocker or Glider

You will find yourself rocking your little one quite a bit in the first few months. Especially in the middle of the night so make sure you find a rocker or glider that is comfortable.

Blackout Curtains

This is a must to ensure your baby is in the best sleeping environment. Babies are used to the pitch black womb so a dark room is a must.


As mentioned earlier a dresser is great for both a changing table and storing clothes. You can easily refinish an old dresser to fit your nursery theme or you can buy this affordable option and change out the knobs.

Check out how the dresser turned out in my nursery reveal here!

Sound Machine

This is definitely on the top 10 must haves. When babies are in the womb they hear the non stop sounds of your body so when they enter this world the quiet is a shock to them. Therefore, having a sound machine is comforting and will help them sleep.

Night Light

When your baby wakes up for a night feeding you probably do not want to turn all the lights on because that will make it much harder to get your newborn back to sleep. You can use a small night light or get this which is a sound machine and night light in one.


Between the spit up and blow outs you will have lots of laundry to do so you will want a place to put all of the dirty clothes.

Hangers + Storage

Get some baby sized hangers like these for the clothes you want hung. Also find some storage baskets to put all of the extra things like blankets for example.


The best part of the nursery (in my opinion) is the decor. From feature walls to pictures to rugs the options are endless and you can find so many inspirational themes.

Baby Gear

Out of all the baby products the following items are ones worth researching. There are A LOT of different options when it comes to baby gear so make sure you get what will work for you.

Infant Car Seat + Base

If you want to leave the hospital you need to get a car seat. There are so many options to choose from so narrow it down based on what is important to you.

I am so glad I decided to go with this one. It has high safety ratings, is one of the lightest on the market, can be washed easily and has a modern design.

PS you can use Buy Buy Baby’s 20% off on it.


Like the infant car seat there is a lot to consider for a stroller. You can get a travel system which includes the stroller and car seat. Or you can buy a stroller that will work with the car seat you chose.

Also consider a stroller that converts from a single to a double if you plan on having multiple kids.

We ended up having to buy a whole new stroller because we needed a double. I am so happy with the one we got. You can check it out here.

Baby Carrier

Do yourself a favor and get a wrap that you can put your newborn in. There will be days where you really don’t want to continue walking around holding your baby so a wrap does the job for you. It is also essential if this is your second baby.

I love this one because it is very easy to use.

Diaper Bag

Pick a bag that will work best for you. See my top 10 diaper bag recommendations here.


A baby swing is so nice to have for the first 4-6 months. It will allow you to actually get a few things done or simply catch up on sleep.

You cannot go wrong with this swing.

Pack ‘n Play

Get a pack ‘n play that includes a changing pad and set it up in your living room or the space you will spend most of your time during the day. This will become your main changing station and you can also use it for storage as well.

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A bouncer is great because it can easily be moved around the house. This is great for when you need a shower, want to get ready for the day or simply have your baby propped up in a safe spot.

Play Mat

This is great for tummy time and sensory play.


You wont need one of these till around 4-6 months but it comes in handy when your baby no longer enjoys or fits in their swing.


You actually don’t need to put any toys on your registry, however, I do recommend a teether or rattle which is one of the first things your baby will use.


Keeping your baby safe is the top of every new moms list. These are the items you will need when your little one is sick and the ones that will protect them when they are on the move.

Baby Monitor

This is another one on my top 10 list of baby products. I still use one for my four year old who frequently gets out of bed. This monitor is wonderful and I love that you can add up to 4 cameras on it.


This is essential to make sure your baby is healthy and does not need to see a doctor. A rectal thermometer is the most accurate and recommended to use for up to 3 years of age. You can use one that goes across the forehead once your baby is a little older.

Bulb Syringe

You will actually get one of these at the hospital so you don’t need to register for one, however, this innovative product is a game changer for clearing out a baby’s nose.


If your baby is sick you will definitely want one of these to help clear their nose.


Again it is good to have some Tyelnol on hand if your baby gets sick.

*Always consult a doctor before giving any sort of medication to your baby.

Nasal Saline Spray

This also helps clear your baby’s nose. Just spray some of this in before sucking out the snot.

Baby Gates

You won’t need these for a little while but it is good to figure out where in your home you would want one. I’ve found the ones that swing open are so much better than the ones that you have to step over.

Check out my favorite here.

Outlet Covers

Babies and toddlers get into EVERYTHING so be prepared and cover your outlets!

Cabinet Locks

If you don’t want your little one getting into certain cabinets you can get locks for those as well.

Furniture Safety Straps

Last but not least, you should secure all of your large furniture to the wall that have potential to fall over if climbed on. Don’t skip this one!


This one is a little tricky in regards to what you will need. Every baby is different and they grow so fast so I recommend getting a few newborn items and some 0-3 month sizes. My first born was in newborn clothes for a good month while my second only lasted two weeks in newborn outfits.

In regards to what to put on your registry I recommend only putting basic items and not much of them either. People like to pick out their own baby clothes to give you at your shower anyways. Therefore, see what you end up with and go from there.


You can purchase a pack or two of basic onesies.


Again you can also purchase a pack or two of pants.


These things never stay on honestly but I’ve always continued to put socks on so their tiny feet don’t get cold.


My babies lived in pajamas the first few months so you definitely will get good use out of the footie pajamas. But DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT get the button pajamas. They literally are the biggest pain in the but so save your sanity and get the zipper ones.

Knotted gowns are another great option for pajamas and they are very easy too!

Seasonal Clothing

It is always fun to get holiday clothing! Also think about what the temperature will be like when baby is born to know if you should be buying warmer clothes, jackets etc.

Going Home Outfit

Don’t forget an adorable going home outfit! Make it comfy and practical though.

Baby Detergent

This is probably the most common baby detergent but you can also use regular detergents that are made for sensitive skin.

I cannot resist the new baby smell though so I do buy the typical baby detergent.


How can you not resist buying these! I know someone would love to purchase these for you so go ahead and add some to your registry.

Now you know everything you should include on your Baby Registry Checklist.

But here is….

What NOT to put on your Baby Registry

Alright this is a topic to research because there are so many products out there that are not necessary. However, everyone has their own preferences so read several point of views to see what you might not want.

Here is what you should not buy for your baby:

  • Wipe Warmer: there is no need to get your baby used to a warm wipe so you can skip this one!
  • Changing Table: save space and put a changing pad on a dresser or simply use a pad on the floor or bed.
  • Bottle Sterilizer: after the initial sterilizing (boil) all you need is warm soapy water.
  • Bottle Warmer: room temperature is just fine! No need to heat up the bottle. In fact this makes it much easier when traveling.
  • Bumbo Seat: babies will learn to sit up on their own time. In fact this actually causes an unnatural sitting position.
  • Shoes: if your baby can’t walk then they do not need shoes no matter how cute they are!
  • Baby Food Blender: if you really want to make your own baby purees purchase an actual blender instead. Now you can make more than just baby food!
  • Crib Bedding Set: Not sure why these are so expensive but the only thing you will actually use in it is the crib sheets. Save your money and buy sheets separately.
  • Toys: it is much better to accumulate toys over time and trust me you will accumulate them.

Last but not least,

Where should you register for these items?

There are several places where you can create a baby registry. Some are online stores and others are traditional brick and mortar. You only need to register at one place but you definitely can do a second one if you’d like.

Here are the top places for a baby registry:

AmazonWelcome Box & 15% Completion DiscountUniversal Registry, 90 Day Return Policy after due date & Group Gifting
BabylistHello Baby Box & 15% Completion DiscountUniversal Registry, 9 months after purchase return policy, several types of group gifting
Buy Buy BabyGoody Bag & 20% off coupons & 15% Completion DiscountNot universal, 1 year of purchase date return policy, no group gifting
TargetWelcome Kit & 15% Completion DiscountUniversal Registry & 1 year after due date return policy, group gifting
WalmartWelcome Box & Price MatchingLow Prices, Not Universal, 90 day after purchase return policy, no group gifting

All of these places are great options for a baby registry. What you choose depends completely on your preferences.

I hope you found this Sample Baby Registry helpful.

It is amazing how much stuff you can purchase for such a tiny human. There are so many “top baby registry items” that it can get confusing on what you actually need. Therefore, my baby registry recommendations will make your life easier and allow you to be well prepared.

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