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The Best Online Boutiques for Baby Girl

The best online baby stores for girls.

When I found out I was having a girl I could not wait to start buying cute baby girl outfits. I began looking at onesies, dresses, rompers and of course the bows. There was so much out there it was hard to figure out where and what I should be looking at for baby clothes.

I wanted to make sure I was getting practical clothes for baby but also dreamed of all the trendy baby girl clothes that would fill her closet. So I began wondering what is the best online baby store and what baby brands are the best?

After having two girls I have come across some amazing boutique baby clothes brands and also have my go to’s for all of your practical baby necessities.

Below are 15 amazing options for buying clothes for your baby girl. These stores not only deliver adorable outfits and more but also are made with quality material. I will begin with the online stores that are meant for newborns and end with those that encompass a variety of sizes that you will love to use as your baby grows.

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Online boutiques for baby girls

1. Copper Pearl

This online boutique is one of best for swaddle blankets with a matching hat or bow which is perfect for that very first picture in the hospital. They also have the best bandana bibs which work wonders when your baby starts to teethe. This shop has the most beautiful prints and I highly recommend getting a few items from here before baby arrives. The bundles they offer make great baby shower gifts as well.

2. Lou Lou & Company

Lou Lou & Company is similar to Copper Pearl as they offer amazing matching swaddle sets. What sets this store apart is they sell the best knotted gowns which is a huge life saver for diaper changes at night. This online shop offers a newborn essential bundle which includes a swaddle with a matching hat or bow and matching mittens. They also have a ultimate newborn bundle which includes the same but adds in a matching knotted gown as well. The material is very soft and high quality which makes it so worth the price.

3. Ryan and Rose

Ryan and Rose has the best and most adorable pacifiers, pacifier clips, teethers and more. You can also find this brand at Target and on Amazon. I use to think pacifiers and their clips were just one of those things that you could not make pretty but I was proven wrong after discovering Ryan and Rose. You really only need one or two pacifier clips and they are an affordable price too!

4. Burt’s Bees

The Burt’s Bees brand is organic and great for babies sensitive skin. This is the best place to get hooded towels and wash clothes for bath time. The online shop is also great for getting onesies that you can rely on to not irritate your baby’s skin. You can also find this brand on Amazon. Burt’s Bees is known for there skincare line which I love. I used the mama bee belly butter my entire pregnancy. To my surprise their clothes are just as amazing for the skin.

5. Baby Gap / Old Navy

These two stores keep up with the trends for baby girl clothes and at an affordable price. Baby Gap and Old Navy are my go to stores for finding cute outfits that won’t break the bank. Baby Gap and Old Navy are great as your baby girl grows as well. They are always running sales too so I’ve never had to buy anything at full price.

6. Cozy’s

You can find the best pajamas at this online boutique and like the name implies they are very cozy. This store also has blankets, swaddles and knotted gowns. Cozy’s will continue to be my go to for pajamas as my girls get older.

7. Little Sleepies

Another amazing place to get pajamas is Little Sleepies. They have so many options in the cutest prints! You can also find Mommy and me sets too. Their prices are relatively the same as Cozy’s but the biggest difference is Little Sleepies offers more picture prints.

8. Kyte Baby

This online baby shop is known for their sleep bags and soft material. They have an array of solid colors to choose from and you can even find crib sheets to match. This brand may not offer the fun prints but they are very high quality and some may prefer the solid colors.

9. Kissy Kissy

This boutique is perfect for adorable summer outfits for your baby girl. From rompers to dresses to two piece sets there are a ton of different options to choose from. Kissy Kissy has fun prints with a vintage flare.

10. Shrimp & Grits Kids

Another excellent summer shop would be this one. They have cutest dresses and rompers which you can even personalize with your girl’s initials. I recommend this shop once your daughter enters her toddler years.

11. Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson has always been one of my favorite clothing stores for my kids. I’ve loved every collection they launch and always look forward to seeing their holiday outfits. This store has clothes for newborns through kids sizes so it will work great as your baby girl grows.

12. Target

I could not make a list of shops for your baby without including Target. The cat & jack line is a very popular clothing brand that is both affordable and of good quality. Target has whatever you need and it gives you the ability to actually go in store versus buying from online baby boutiques.

13. H&M

H&M is similar to Old Navy in that they have trendy yet affordable clothing for babies and kids. This store is great for basics and play clothes and you can buy some items in packs instead of individually. My most recent purchase was this pack of shirts and this 2-pack of dresses. They also have a wide selection of holiday dresses. This is the first store I look at when searching for a new Christmas dress for my girls!

14. Nordstrom

If you are looking for designer baby clothes Nordstrom is your best bet. You can also find some great deals too so do not put this one off without checking their sales. This store has a great selection of dresses as well.

15. Amazon

Last but not least, I could not forget about Amazon. We all know you can find everything and anything on Amazon however it can be a hit or miss when it comes to certain items. In regards to baby girl clothing, Amazon is best for basics and buying well known brands like Burt’s Bees, Carter’s and Gerber. Amazon is also my go to for baby bows. These are my favorite! Keep in mind you can find some adorable outfits but make sure it has good reviews before purchasing so you know you are getting a quality item.

Adorable Boutiques for baby girl

That concludes the best websites for baby clothes.

These online boutiques will give you everything you need for your baby girl. They each offer something unique while also providing quality items. Shopping for girls is so much fun but it can get overwhelming with all that is out there. Therefore, I hope this list of my top baby clothing stores makes takes the stress out of shopping and makes it as fun as it should be!

Furthermore, I recommend purchasing swaddles, a few newborn and 0-3 month sizes before baby arrives and waiting until for the rest until your baby girl is here because you won’t know what size they will be or how fast they will go.

Last but not least, almost all of these online boutiques off a percentage or dollar amount off your first purchase so definitely take advantage of that! Babies are expensive so I always try to save where I can!

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The best online baby stores for girls.

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