Baby's first Christmas gift ideas

25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies Under 1

Baby’s First Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Shopping for Christmas gifts is not easy even for a baby. Although they don’t really need anything how can you resist the Christmas spirit of gift giving. The holidays become so much more special when you add children into the mix.

So what do you get a baby for their first Christmas? This depends slightly on age because a 1 month old is at a completely different stage then a 10 month old. Most of the items below will work for any age under 1 but there may be a few that will only work for certain ages.

In addition, I always try and find items that provide value such as a toy that will last, something that is educational or an item that will simply make life easier. With that being said, I have compiled a list of the 25 best baby gift ideas!

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1. Building Blocks

Building blocks have been a staple in households for many years. Not only do they last but they work great for all ages too.

2. Munchkin Barnyard Friends Bath Toys

These bath toys work great as a stocking stuffer. They are adorable and so fun for your little one.

3. Wood Puzzle

Chunky wood puzzles have become one my favorite gifts. Your baby can start by simply playing with the wood animals, letters, numbers or whatever fun puzzle you find. Then when they get older they can use it as a puzzle.

4. Freezer Safe Teethers

Another great stocking stuffer are these cute fruit themed teethers that can be put in the freezer. Both my kids loved these and really helped when they were teething.

5. Banana Training Toothbrush

Whether your little one gets teeth at 6 months or 14 months this training toothbrush is great to get them started.

6. Board Books

You can never have too many books! This classic board book is one of my favorites.

7. Silicone Bib Set

These bibs are THE BEST. They are very easy to clean and they catch all of the food that doesn’t quite make it into your baby’s mouth. This is definitely one of those make your life easier products.


Another great Christmas gift idea for your baby is this super adorable stuffed animal by baby GUND. They play peek-a-boo and sing in the most adorable voice. There are a few other animals to choose from as well.

9. Stack Up Cups

These stack up cups are another toy that will grow with your little one.

10. Baby Einstein Musical Toy

If you are looking for something fun that lights up and plays music this is a great option.

Christmas Gift Guide for babies

11. Beach Tent

If you love spending time outdoors you will definitely want to get one of these. It folds up easily and comes with a carrying case so you can bring it anywhere. Even if you don’t plan on going to the beach this is great for the backyard.

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12. Piggy Bank

This is one item you don’t think about until you come across some loose change. This adorable piggy bank would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

13. Personalized Animal Lovey

Personalized gifts are always a great option for babies. This Etsy shop offers the most adorable animal loveys which you can add your own touch on.

14. Anywhere Chair

Another gift you cannot go wrong on is the Anywhere Chair. This may not work quite yet for infants but your baby will definitely grow into one of these chairs. They last a long time, are washable and you are able to personalize them.

15. Toy Storage

This one may not be that exciting but you will need somewhere to put all the things your little one accumulates. Trust me this will get filled faster than you think.

16. Activity Block

This wooden activity cube has 5 sides of fun that improves hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.

17. Water Table

Prepare yourself for the coming summer with this water table. It is fun for all ages and will keep your kids busy for hours.

18. Musical Instruments

There are a ton of options in this musical instrument set. From shakers to drums to bells this set lets your little one explore with different sounds.

19. Clothing

Buying clothes is a practical option especially since babies grow so fast and will need new clothes often. Plus who can resist cute baby clothes! Check out the best places to buy baby clothes here.

20. Subscription Box

I’ve seen a ton of amazing subscription boxes come out within the last few years. There are even a bunch for babies that focus on toys that will work for each developmental stage. Check out these top two rated boxes:

  1. Lovevery
  2. PandaCrate by KiwiCo

21. Memberships

If you do not want to purchase any physical gifts for your baby another Christmas gift idea is a membership to a museum, zoo or other local place for kids.

22. Photography Session

The one thing I wish I did more of is getting professional pictures taken. Photography sessions can get pretty pricey so this makes for a great gift.

23. Anything you did not get from your registry

You might have had a December baby or one close to it. If so, you may still have items that you did not get on your registry which you can add to your babies Christmas list.

24. College Fund / Savings

Since your baby does not yet know what is going on this is a good opportunity to put money in a college fund or savings account in lieu of gifts. It is never too early to start saving!

25. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Last but not least, you cannot forget the classic “Baby’s First Christmas” Ornament. This is something you will enjoy seeing every year as you decorate the Christmas tree. Here are some adorable options below that are customizable:


Whether you decide to go all out or start that college fund your babies first Christmas will be a special one. So soak up the Christmas spirit while you can because time really does fly.

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